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From the Heterae of Greece to the Geesha girls of WWII, This is a blog dedicated to the history of Sex, Prostitution, Famous Mistresses, And Women's History.
The years I am doing for this blog are from ancient times to last yesterday.
Be warned that this blog will contain sexual references but is not pornographic in nature so please don't message me about how this blog is your "go to" for your private time.
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Come Hither

Text: Baroness Krudener Signature

A cross between Isadora Duncan and Amy Semple MacPherson.

A Livonian noblewoman who left her husband for a career as a novelist, exotic, and celebrity, she was a passionate “fan” of Alexander I who eventually became his intimate. He made her a world figure during the Congress of Paris in 1816. Her religiosity seriously hampered Alexander’s effectiveness during the period he was in the Congress. He eventually pensioned her off and she retired to the Crimea

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